• The Court of Appeal has now warned several times of the punitive approach it will adopt in relation to costs where parties have refused to consider using alternative methods, such as mediation, resolve and disputes.

    Mediation is a flexible, quick and durable method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which can be applied in many areas of local government activity, such as:

    • Employment disputes
    • Informal resolution of code of conduct complaints
    • Tenant problems
    • Officer - member disputes
    • Contractor claims

    Jonathan Goolden is a mediator trained and accredited by the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling of Regent's College, London. He is able to:

    • Conduct mediations (with a co-mediator) when appointed by both parties
    • Advise on the use of mediation and the appointment of a mediator
    • Use mediation skills in complaint handling and informal dispute resolution
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    Jonathan Goolden

    Jonathan Goolden

    Partner and Head of Public Law
    01472 262626