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We deliver well-constructed, knowledgeable and rapid solutions that maximise creditor dividends.

Our legal & insolvency professionals

Our experienced team of professionals can help you with all aspects of legal or insolvency scenarios that you may find yourself in. Our ‘one-stop’ solution is cost-effective, practical and seamless in offering effective solutions that maximise the payments coming back to you, our client.

Our clients’ testimonials contributed to our tier one ranking in the Legal 500, the leading UK independent guide to law firms. They are an endorsement of our ability to focus upon holistic solutions for your organisation, which will always matter to us. We will act in your best interests and try to find the solution that is right for you.

Commonly, as a creditor you will face one of two likely scenarios – a client/customer will be already facing some sort of insolvency action, so you need to be reactive. Alternatively, you may wish to be more proactive in your collection of monies owed.

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Reactive insolvency

Correct support offered quickly and effectively is vital to ensure you and your business is protected if insolvency proceedings begin and you are owed money. It is considered action and advice that is needed, not inconsistency and delays.

As soon as a customer or client that owes you money triggers an insolvency scenario, it is important that you get support quickly.

  1. Knowledge and speed

    Knowledge and speed are key to protecting your position and maximising what you get back in way of dividends and payments. This is where the combination of creditor services support, Wilkin Chapman Business Solutions, and our legal support colleagues will work extremely well for you.

    Specialist expertise is available in any one of these areas – we deliver a range of solutions, saving you the cost of liaising with more than one organisation, but more importantly buying you precious time. Instead of having multiple advisers, we can offer you one trusted source of support to address your needs.

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  2. Triage of solutions

    Our starting point would always be to discover the nature of your customer’s/client’s situation and your best response to that.

    That response will differ based upon whether they are facing bankruptcy, liquidation or administration, or have sought an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), a DRO (Debt Relief Order), or a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement).

  3. Dispute resolution

    It may be that a more thorough investigation is required, assets may need to be traced, or there may be more legal enforcement and dispute resolution needed – with our legal expertise, we can offer that.

    Whilst working for you, ensuring you remain in control of the process, we will confidentially engage with the necessary stakeholders to secure the best outcome, and will assist with the completion of proof of debts and proxies as well as dealing with creditor meetings on your behalf.

Proactive insolvency

Thinking ahead is vital to ensure your business is protected and can grow. Systems to recover outstanding debt whilst acting when the ‘alarm bells’ start to ring are fundamental to that forward-thinking and we’re here to help.

We offer a full suite of services to clients who want either one-off or ongoing processes in place to recover unpaid debt. Again, it is our close working relationship with our specialist legal and insolvency practice colleagues that come to the fore.

  1. Wrap around service

    Combining our expertise offers you, the client, a ‘wrap-around’ service which is cost-effective and ensures your needs are met by one firm.

  2. Diverse and bespoke approach

    Our approach is delivered to clients ranging from private companies, to the utility industry and public sector and seeks to address ongoing issues and recover unpaid debt.

    We will offer a full suite of enforcement choices from High Court and Enforcement Agent activity to specialist options such as order for sale proceedings, bankruptcy and winding up action.

  3. Maximise payments

    Quite simply, no stone will be left unturned in our support and we will utilise the full range of tools available to us to maximise payments and dividends that come back to you, taking the burden of administration away.

    Offering a clear route for our clients provides reassurance whilst allowing you to retain control.

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