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Agricultural Occupancy Conditions (AOC) Explored

21 December 2016

Amy Slocombe Smith, specialist agriculture solicitor, explains what an Agricultural Occupancy Condition (AOC) means when buying, selling, or letting land within agricultural areas.

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How to have a trouble-free Christmas party

09 December 2016

Teresa Thomas, partner and head of employment, provides some timely seasonal advice on how to make sure that your office Christmas party doesn't fall foul to any employment law issues.

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Business rates shocker

25 November 2016

Partner and head of tourism and leisure, Flora Bennett, takes a look at what the revaluation of business rates will mean for tourism businesses, when it comes into effect on 1 April 2017.

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The cost of care - where are we now?

23 November 2016

The cost of care has been back in the news again recently, leaving people wondering what expenses they may face as they reach old age. Alison Elwess, senior solicitor, takes a look at what you can do to plan ahead.

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Uber and the gig economy – what this means for businesses

16 November 2016
We have seen significant press coverage of the complex legal area of employment status since the landmark ruling by the employment tribunal that Uber drivers are workers and not self-employed contractors. Deliveroo are now the latest business operating in the gig economy to be impacted with news that their riders are taking steps to gain union recognition and workers’ rights including the national minimum wage, holiday entitlement and working time restrictions.
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