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Planning for Life - Beat the Crowds to a LPA

18 September 2014
As a society we are living longer and, as a result of this, a growing number of people are now suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. Alison Elwess, senior solicitor, looks at how Lasting Powers of Attorney can help.
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Overturning Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims

11 September 2014
We all see adverts for personal injury claims, suggesting that ‘where’s there blame – there’s a claim’. However, bringing a personal injury claim can be a complex area of the law, particularly when coupled with the strict time limits for making a claim.
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Tips for a stress-free summer for families

01 August 2014
The schools have broken up and the summer holidays are here. For many it’s a time for the family to unwind and spend quality time together however, for some families holidays aren’t the fun they’re cracked up to be.
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Spotlight on Zero-Hours Contracts and Exclusivity Clauses

26 June 2014
This week the media spotlight has been shining, once again, on zero-hours contracts and in particular the government’s announcement that exclusivity clauses are to be banned.
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Reforms to Bailiff and Enforcement Regulations

02 May 2014
On 6 April 2014, the long-awaited reforms to the ‘bailiff and enforcement’ regulations and costs became law. The new regulations deal with when a debtor’s premises can be entered and what goods can be taken or not taken.
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