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Misconceptions of Medical Negligence

22 June 2021

The vast majority of patients who see their GP, dentist or go into hospital will receive good care. In an ideal world, this would happen all the time, and there wouldn’t be a need for lawyers to represent patients’ interests at all. Unfortunately, there are occasions where things do not go the way that they should have done with sometimes devastating consequences.

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SPVs and business rate mitigation - closing the loop hole

07 June 2021

Earlier this month the Supreme Court ruled that leasing an unoccupied property to a special purpose vehicle, is not sufficient enough to transfer the liability for business rates to that SPV.

This decision brings local authorities one step closer to shutting down another business rates mitigation scheme and protects the public purse from those looking to avoid payment of the empty rate.

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A Bankrupt’s committal to prison for contempt of court

19 May 2021

Partners Gary Taylor and Mat Dix have acted as Joint Trustees on a case that has resulted in a much-needed precedent for individuals who believe that they can ignore court orders based on misguided beliefs and incorrect information found online, without repercussions.

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Recovering business rates from companies during the pandemic

18 May 2021

COVID-19 continues to cause issues throughout the world and as you know, local authorities continue to face challenges. When the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill was introduced in 2020, it was hoped that the COVID-19 specific measures would only be needed for a short period. A year down the line and the restrictions on winding up proceedings are still in place.

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Are you IR35 compliant?

28 April 2021

The IR35 off-payroll working rules have now been rolled out to the private sector as of 6 April 2021, having previously been confined to the public sector from April 2017.

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