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Mid-life divorce: a legal guide to parting in your 50s

04 September 2019

Fifty is the new 30 in more ways than just fashion and leisure as statistics reveal how more couples, reaching their mid-years, are deciding to divorce.

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On or off! Just what status do your freelancers or contractors have?

04 September 2019

If you are a medium or large business that relies on freelancers or contractors in any part of your operation, don’t leave it too late to tackle the thorny issue of off pay-roll workers.

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Legal experts call for more awareness of rare condition, after £500,000 pay-out for victim living with life-changing consequences.

02 September 2019

The medical negligence team at leading UK regional law firm Wilkin Chapman solicitors has called for more national awareness of a life-changing condition, which strikes suddenly and if left untreated can have a devastating impact upon its victims.

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The trouble with Brexit…but solutions are at hand!

20 August 2019

As the region continues to brace itself for the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, there will be some firms that are actively investigating how they may wish to restructure their operations.

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Key issues facing Britain’s tourism and leisure sector are being explored by Wilkin Chapman.

16 August 2019

If you run a business within the tourism and leisure sector, we ask you to share your opportunities and challenges with us.

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