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The fair and effective way to restructure your business to meet the renewables challenge.

11 February 2019

Teresa Thomas is head of employment law and HR at Wilkin Chapman solicitors. A Partner at the firm, her team advises clients on all aspects of HR and, in this special report, she looks at how companies can restructure effectively while staying within the law.

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GDPR is here and it applies to you

11 February 2019

The offshore wind sector has brought new and exciting opportunity to our shores and companies, large and small, are eager to capitalise on its growing success. While this should of course be supported and encouraged, there is always risk attached to any new venture. However, by taking the necessary steps, such risk can be mitigated. In a special report, Wilkin Chapman’s GDPR specialists, Jonathan Goolden and Adam Ottley, look at how the massive data protection breach that hit British Airways during the summer should be a warning to all companies.

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Legal considerations before climbing the renewables ladder

11 April 2018

Adam Ottley, a solicitor specialising in corporate and commercial law with Wilkin Chapman solicitors, advises businesses on how they can position themselves to seize opportunities in the growing renewables sector within the Humber region.

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Battery storage - Potential income stream for farmers

09 November 2017

As green technology advances, so does the opportunity it affords the rural population of our county.

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Development Consent Orders

11 October 2016

Catherine Harris, partner and head of agriculture, takes a look at the recent decision to grant a Development Consent Order (DCO) for Triton Knoll Electrical System.

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