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TV show highlights ups and downs of equity release – and how getting advice is vital to make it work for you.

08 November 2019

There may be ‘cash in your house’, and if people think carefully and take good advice before making use of it, then equity release can be of great benefit.

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Town and village greens: developers are warned not to fall victim of TVG registration.

15 July 2019

Developers will be aware that where land is registered as a Town and Village Green (TVG) then development of that land is effectively prohibited. Developers will note with interest that a recent Court of Appeal ruling effectively stated that where land has already been identified for potential development then it will be too late for an application to be made to register a TVG.

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If you are buying a second home, have you budgeted for higher rate stamp duty?

09 May 2019

Putting money into bricks and mortar has long been seen as a safe investment and has resulted in large numbers of people investing in second properties.

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What is Equity Release and how can you do it safely?

21 April 2019

In recent years, equity release has been frequently advertised as a way for homeowners over the age of 55 to unlock the money that is tied up in their property.

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Making alterations to your premises? Don’t forget to obtain permission

20 March 2019

The needs of any business will change as the years go by, and that may require giving premises’ a new feel, look, shape or size.

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