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NHS 10-year plan: priorities and significance

11 January 2019

Published earlier this week, a much anticipated 10-year plan for NHS England lays out the long-term priorities based on an extra £20 billion of funding being received.

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The effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

06 December 2018

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major health issue which commonly affects Armed Forces personnel; if left untreated, it can have debilitating long-term effects. Our military team look into the signs and symptoms of the condition following a head injury.

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First Aid techniques for an emergency

26 November 2018

Ahead of our first aid training sessions this week, our medical negligence team have put together some first aid techniques that everyone should know in case of a medical emergency.

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What to do if you’re involved in a road traffic accident

25 November 2018

From small bumps to intense collisions, being involved in road traffic accidents can make things become hazy. When shock sets in, drivers and passengers may struggle to know how to act or what to do next.

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Common causes of road accidents

24 November 2018

The leading cause of all road traffic accidents is failing to look properly, which may be a result of carelessness or distraction. Knowing the most common causes of all road traffic accidents can determine safer roads for everyone.

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