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TV show highlights ups and downs of equity release – and how getting advice is vital to make it work for you.

08 November 2019

There may be ‘cash in your house’, and if people think carefully and take good advice before making use of it, then equity release can be of great benefit.

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Trust what the legal experts tell you and ensure a property purchase protects your assets.

11 October 2019

A couple's decision to buy a home together is likely to be the largest financial commitment they will make and should signal a period of settled happiness.

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Service charges – an added burden on top of a mortgage for new homeowners, but should they be worried if they fail to pay up?

19 July 2019

Monika Borek, a solicitor in Wilkin Chapman’s property team, looks at the legal truth as a growing number of properties on private housing developments come with a requirement to pay this extra annual charge.

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Cybercrime - beware house buyers, don't let your dream purchase become a nightmare

09 April 2018

Beware of the growing dangers of digital conveyancing fraud in Lincolnshire, Wilkin Chapman solicitor warns.

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Protect your home from fraud

20 October 2016

Your home will often be the most valuable asset you own, and you will take care to leave doors and windows secure against intruders when leaving for the day or a longer absence. However, when did you last consider how secure your property ownership is against fraudsters seeking financial gain at your expense?

In this blog article, senior solicitor, Alison Elwess, takes a look at how you can protect yourself against property fraud.

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