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The implications of Non-Freezing Cold Injury

22 February 2019

Non-freezing cold injury accounts for many of our military claims and its severity is often overlooked. Our military team consider the causes, symptoms and long-term implications of the condition.

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Talking about tinnitus: causes and effects

07 February 2019

On national Tinnitus Awareness Week, our military team consider the causes and effects of debilitating hearing conditions such as tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

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Walking With The Wounded: supporting vulnerable veterans and a pathway to change

28 January 2019

Veteran Tom Knight tells Wilkin Chapman about the work he does at Walking With The Wounded and the importance of raising awareness of transitionary struggles.

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Life after the forces: transitioning from service

14 January 2019

Whilst many experience inevitable frustration during or when looking for employment, veterans can be particularly vulnerable to stress while finding a suitable post-military career and adapting to a new work environment.

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Ministry of Defence signs £250m contract for RAF Waddington

10 January 2019

A £250 million deal to support RAF Waddington was signed by the Ministry of Defence last week, supporting the base’s ISTAR aircraft fleet and securing 450 jobs.

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