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Driving focus on employment law

15 January 2019

We may not have access to the car-by-phone platform in northern Lincolnshire but local employers should note its ongoing legal battle, which has far-reaching consequences.

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It’s time to act if you want to retain loyal and valuable EU workers.

20 December 2018

The release of the Government’s White Paper detailing the UK’s future skills-based immigration system should be a prompt for companies to examine ways to assist EU employees and their families to remain here, says a leading immigration solicitor.

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Are your staff clear on how to deal with incidents of racism among clients or within the workplace?

23 October 2018

A company's reputation could receive untold damage if it allows alleged incidents of discrimination to go unchecked, a regional expert on employment law has warned.

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How firms can easily fall foul of Britain's growing 'gig economy

29 August 2018

Grey areas that shroud the UK’s burgeoning ‘gig’ economy have seen a number of high-profile court cases, highlighting the growing employment rights debate.

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The legal implications of RAF Scampton's closure

24 July 2018

A new use for the world-famous RAF Scampton will almost certainly involve a long planning process, as legal loopholes will have to be jumped through to transform the vast site, an expert predicts.

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