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Government urged to act following #MeToo campaign, but how far will it go asks regional legal expert.

12 June 2019

Just how far is the Government prepared to go to prevent businesses using non-disclosure agreements to stop any dirty laundry being aired in public?

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Businesses looking to capitalise on the growing offshore sector must take note of existing and new employment law.

03 June 2019

The growth of the offshore wind industry across the Humber and Lincolnshire regions is providing ongoing opportunities for SMEs.

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Enhanced Maternity Pay – is it discriminatory?

30 May 2019

There are many employers who offer Enhanced Maternity Pay (“EMP”) to employees on Maternity Leave (“ML”) at a rate higher than the Statutory Maternity Pay (“SMP”) minimum entitlement. Employers are perfectly entitled to do so and there are many sensible justifications for it.

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A trusted employee has posted abusive Facebook messages about your firm: what would you do?

29 May 2019

Picture the scene: you have a previously good employee, trusted and valued…until some comments appear on social media from that person, and look at what they say...

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‘Act now to protect your business and employees’: vital advice to hundreds of SMEs caught up in the British Steel insolvency crisis.

23 May 2019

The estimated 350 businesses associated with British Steel’s supply chain, many of them being regional SMEs, must act now to limit the impact of the company’s insolvency upon them.

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