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Are you considering voluntary redundancy?

11 October 2019

If so, follow our short and informative guide….

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Can your business be better protected?

08 October 2019

“Restrictive covenants” are common in employment contracts, whereby the employee agrees that following any termination of employment they will refrain from doing one or more of the following:

  • Divulging confidential information to a third party;
  • Working for a competitor of the employer;
  • Poaching employees of the employer;
  • Soliciting or dealing with customers of their employer.
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Do you know who is working for you?

17 September 2019

There has been a further development in the recent line of case law on employment status, which included the decisions regarding Uber drivers and Pimlico’s plumbers.

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Increase in demand for early conciliation

04 September 2019

Cases of disgruntled employees lodging claims against their employer continues to rise, and with the increase comes a need for organisations to ensure they are fully aware of the options available to them.

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On or off! Just what status do your freelancers or contractors have?

04 September 2019

If you are a medium or large business that relies on freelancers or contractors in any part of your operation, don’t leave it too late to tackle the thorny issue of off pay-roll workers.

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