Accidents on holiday abroad: where do you stand?

14 August 2018

Have you or a family member had an accident on holiday abroad? We look where you stand legally.

More than 60-million of us will travel abroad this year – many enjoying annual vacations booked through high street or online agents.

Almost all will return with no problems at all. However, with more people than ever seeking the perfect get-away, there are risks. Accidents do happen, and if they occur mid-way through your holiday, there will be a rush of issues running through your mind.

The most common accidents abroad include slips, trips or falls (within hotels with pools and sports/play facilities), injuries in hired vehicles or on public transport and accidents on excursions.

The severity of the accident and the circumstances that led to the subsequent injury will of course determine your best course of action, which will be pursued when you arrive home.

But there are some essentials that will assist with any legal claim for compensation. For example:

  • It is vital you keep all your documents, including receipts from booked excursions, all your holiday details (print them off if booked online), and rental agreements.
  • Evidence is extremely helpful also - pictures of uneven surfaces, along with dated notes of what was said to you at the time, with full details of who said what.
  • Make sure any accident or incident is reported to the holiday representative at your resort or the hotel you are staying in, so it’s all recorded and investigated to avoid other similar incidents if nothing else!
  • Of course, there is also the issue of an accident affecting your work back home. Without doubt, you should inform your employer as soon as possible, but what if your injury renders you unfit for work indefinitely?

Holiday accident claims and the ramifications that go with them, can be more difficult than other types of claim, as typically your claim may well be made in the country of your accident, and, therefore, potentially subject to the law of that country.

This, in turn, may affect your rights or compensation amount and therefore specialist legal advice to help you plough through this potential minefield is essential, as well as supporting you through any subsequent employment issues.

Finally, prevention is always better than cure and if you take out the correct insurances for your trip, book with ATOL and ABTA protected companies and ensure adequate checks are made on private excursions, then you are going along way to making sure your break is trouble free.

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