A trusted employee has posted abusive Facebook messages about your firm: what would you do?

29 May 2019

Picture the scene: you have a previously good employee, trusted and valued…until some comments appear on social media from that person, and look at what they say...

WTF – seriously need to sort my life out working for these bunch of tw*ts

I am sure I work with some absolute morons – management don’t know their f*cking a*se from their elbow and customers aren’t much better

Can’t be bothered with work - I can feel a sick day coming on …lol

The posts, on Facebook, which were liked several times, made it clear who the individual works for and had likely been seen by colleagues and one important business contact. Further action was taken by the firm as a result, which was counteracted by the employee.

What would you do in this situation and what procedures do you have in place to ensure all employees are aware of the consequences of acting in such a manner on their own social media accounts?

Employment law experts from Wilkin Chapman solicitors are using Humber Business Week to take over a court room at Hull Magistrates and play out a real-life employment tribunal scenario which looks at the above issue in detail.

Lawyers and colleagues will take the lead roles, with Head of Employment and Wilkin Chapman Partner Teresa Thomas presiding over events and making her decision, based on the evidence she hears.

“This mock employment tribunal is designed for anyone with staff management responsibilities, not just HR professionals. If you are a line manager, HR specialist, owner-manager, trade union official or a staff member that represents other staff members at formal hearings, this seminar will provide you with a clear insight into the workings of such a hearing,” said Teresa.

“We decided to focus on social media as a subject matter that is extremely topical and raising its head in many different sectors of any business. But equally, the way in which an Employment Tribunal operates is of general interest,” she added.

There are very limited spaces left for the hearing, which is on Monday, June 3, from 8am (refreshments and registration) to 11am at Hull Magistrates Court, Market Place, Hull. To book go to www.wilkinchapman.co.uk/events

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