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World Menopause Day - Monday 18 October 2021

14 October 2021

Do you talk about menopause enough in your office? If you employ women aged between 45 and 55, and the issue doesn’t really come up, then the answer is no.
Recent statistics from the employment tribunal show that more women are citing menopause in employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination than ever before.

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Powers of Attorney: The lasting way to ensure you and your family is protected

07 October 2021

LASTING Powers of Attorney: should you only consider drawing one up when you’re older, and approaching retirement perhaps? The answer is a firm ‘no’. Here Wilkin Chapman Court of Protection specialist Chantal Ul Haq-Weedon explains how important it is to act as soon as possible.

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How to protect your business against confidential information falling in to the hands of a competitor and the poaching of your clients and staff

15 September 2021

When employees or directors leave your organisation, they may do so to join a competitor. Those individuals could use unlawful means to compete with you and damage your business.

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Gifting assets – know the rules!

10 August 2021

There are grandparents who will want to keep on giving: but how generous should they be?

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The waiting game for Landlords continues for a further 9 months

12 July 2021

The moratorium on evicting commercial tenants over unpaid rent was due to expire on 30th June but has now been extended for another nine months.

In April last year, we saw the government block legal attempts to evict retail, hospitality and other businesses that had stopped paying rent, to take off the economic pressures caused as a direct result of the pandemic.

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